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Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate
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Information about the Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate

The Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate has undergone a major restructuring process in the last 20 years, transforming from a coal refining base to a multifunctional industrial facility in the regional growth centre of Spremberg.
New technologies and processes have moved onto this long-established industrial site in the course of its modernisation (new generation lignite-fired power station, CCS power plant, Papierfabrik Spremberg /Hamburger-Rieger GmbH & Co. KG paper mill, Schmid Pilot Production, lignite refining processes, etc.).
The Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate increasingly offers long-term potential and an opportunity to capitalise on the latest scientific insights and research findings for future industrial developments.

There are effective research partnerships between the regional growth centre of Spremberg and the Brandenburg University of Technology Cottbus (BTU Cottbus) as they join forces to work together on business and innovation projects in the centre of Lusatia with a view to reinforcing its beacon status as an energy region and strengthening its attraction as a business and technology location.

Commercial and industrial strengths:

  • High level of expertise in major industries of energy, paper, plastics and chemicals
  • Ultra-modern power industry with efficient power plants
  • Material/energy recovery and utilisation of crude lignite
  • State-of-the-art facilities for paper production and finishing
  • Alternative power plants
  • Fully developed industrial and commercial infrastructure and sites of between 2 and 30 ha available for new business start-ups, company relocations and expansions
  • Above-average purchasing power
  • Close cooperation between companies and higher education establishments
  • Convenient location on the major European transport routes (west to south-east Europe and north-south link).
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