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Fact file on the regional growth centre of Spremberg
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A prominent business location set in beautiful countryside? Attractive to industry and yet family-friendly at the same time? All this is possible in Spremberg.

Also called the "Pearl of Lusatia", this verdant town of historical interest is situated in the scenic Lusatian countryside. There are cycle paths and waterways inviting visitors on a voyage of discovery to places where they can relax, think and unwind. It is the only place in Germany with some areas where the language and culture of the Sorbian minority can still be encountered. In 2009 Spremberg was picked out for an award as a "Family-friendly town" thanks to its wide and diverse range of social amenities and its attractive housing stock.

The regional growth centre is a place with an impressive track record in industrial expertise, having built up the acceptable face of industry over decades. This tradition is rooted in its convenient location in the south of Brandenburg between Berlin and Dresden as well as in the many natural resources of the region and in the entrepreneurial initiative of the local inhabitants.The business environment and economic infrastructure are excellent. Companies benefit from promotion of excellence incentives in the state of Brandenburg and operating costs are low. The extensive facilities and low-cost infrastructure offered by the Schwarze Pumpe industrial estate are becoming increasingly rare in Germany.An area of some 828 hectares there has provided space for 116 companies employing 4,320 people and seeing sustained growth. The most state-of-the-art lignite-fired power plant in Europe was built in Schwarze Pumpe in the 1990s. The world's first oxy-fuel pilot plant for eco-friendly conversion of lignite into electricity was put into operation in September 2008. Modern production facilities for silicon and monosilane have been developed as required for the manufacture of photovoltaic units. The town of Spremberg will remain at the centre of the power industry. Plans to develop the copper deposits in the Spremberg area will make the region into a magnet for the copper mining industry and the relevant processing trades. This large-scale investment will have a major influence on the structure of the region from 2017 onwards.


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