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The sphere of influence of the regional growth centre of Spremberg

The regional growth centre of Spremberg has a high level of involvement in the relevant spheres of activity, especially in relation to the size of the town. Its role is indicative of its strength as a medium-sized centre at the southern border of the state of Brandenburg (²):

Cooperation agreements:

  • With Spree-Neiße district council
  • With the municipal federation of Döbern-Land
  • With the municipality of Spreetal in the Free State of Saxony for the promotion of infrastructure projects

Social action / housing:

  • Neu-Haidemühl resettlement
  • Spremberg open-air theatre design project

Education / sport:

  • Cooperation with the municipality of Döbern-Land for the promotion and development of small towns in Brandenburg

Culture / tourism:

  • Project for the promotion of water-based activities on the river Spree from the state border to the Spremberg reservoir
  • Development of shoreline areas at Spremberg reservoir for the municipality of Neuhausen
  • Bridleways and tracks on Spremberg mining dump
  • Motocross and enduro off-road tracks
  • Circular trails on Spremberg mining dump
  • Development of regional park encompassing the towns and villages of Altdöbern-Welzow-Drebkau-Döbern

Trade, services and commerce:

  • City-Werbering

Logistics / transport:


  • Joint trade fair stands with Cottbus town council to market industrial sites
  • Retention of skilled workers from the surrounding region for companies in the regional growth centre of Spremberg

Other links:

²) Regionomica, 2nd interim report "Evaluation der Ergebnisse der Neuausrichtung der Förderpolitik auf Regionale Wachstumskerne (RWK)" [evaluation of results of reorientiation of policy on subsidies towards regional growth centres] commissioned by the Brandenburg State Chancellery dated 23 July 2010.

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